I Could Do This all Day. Day 313.

I really really love my job. When I read this, I almost hear Mr. Peterson, Elaine’s boss on Seinfeld reading it, which makes is comical. Either way, this is so much fun to do.

Come home from a day at the beach and rinse your sun-kissed skin off in the outdoor shower. Enter the brilliant and beachy home to find a smooth flow and neutral colors throughout, stunning views of the white-capped waves, AND the unspoiled nature of the area’s most spectacular sound. Cook dinner in the open-concept kitchen while you occasionally peek at the deep teal water through the windows, or laze around in the very spacious living room and binge-watch your favorite shows. Maybe you would rather step outside onto the expansive wraparound party deck while you inhale the warm beach air, or take an evening walk up and down the beach.   

A few steps away you will find the beach access that will guide you to the fresh, clean sands of Topsail Island. Lounge in your beach chair all day long while you watch the dolphins frolic in the ocean, sip your coffee while you welcome the morning’s first sun, or rent a surfboard or bodyboard from one of the local rental places and play in the salty water all day long. 

Walk back over to the house, rinse off in the outdoor shower, and get yourself ready for a night on the town. A brief car ride will take you to a more lively beach life with stores and chain restaurants you are familiar with, and also local boutiques, restaurants, some with local fish, seafood, and produce, and nightlife, sometimes with live music and karaoke. There is also a boat ramp, golf course, and fishing piers where you can spend time catching fish and speaking with the friendly locals. 

Maybe you would rather have a quiet night at home sitting on the deck listening to the ocean swell begin to quiet for the night. Order wine from Instacart, or browse local food delivery options and throw on comfies to stay in for the night and watch classic movies or play Yahtzee until dawn. End your day with thoughts of tomorrow, then wake in the  morning and watch the waves while your head rests on the pillow, only to begin another day at the most treasured Topsail Island. 

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