Vet From Mass. Day 321.

The pets’ new veterinarian is from Massachusetts.

It’s difficult to find a new vet when you move. She will be their third one since we’ve been here just over a year ago. The first one had some issues I won’t illuminate. The second one seemed nice enough, but was never available. So, I decided to make the thirty-minute trek to Wilmington to try a larger, more modernized vet, and so far, I am happy I did.

I took the three cats, and the vet knew we got the name T’Challa from Marvel’s Black Panther. Score. She read the dogs’ names and said, “Are you Patriots fans?”

“Yes! I’m from Mass,” I said to her.

“Me, too!”

She knew Gisele and Gronk were linked to the team. “David is from David Ortiz, Big Papi,” I said to her.

“No way!” she said.

My heart feels better and I have confidence in this new vet. My anxiety from this morning prior to our visit is beginning to quell, and I am thankful that our new animal doctor is from my home state.

Another day . . .

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