Flutes in War. Day 322.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When did we decide to stop playing music as we fight? I mean, there had to have been a meeting, right?

“Um, maybe we should stop playing music and just concentrate on killing the enemy?”

“All in favor!?”

(cue gavel hitting a handmade wooden desk in a snowy field, surrounded by white tents and dysentery.)

Flutes and drums. Imagine walking, straight-backed and straight-faced while you play the flute so angelically, or rat-a-tat-tatting with straight, wooden sticks while large, oddly shaped metal bullets whizz and whir very wobblily by your white-wigged noggin.

Were we simply naïve and dumb, or are we now too technical and in need of depth and passion?

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