543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

Starting Something. Day 326.

Mundane non-change feels so good and fat, like your body after a giant baked potato with extra butter and sour cream. It’s like a warm blanket that never changes but it will wear and become scratchy and uncomfortable.

My whole life I’ve had to struggle and battle my own self to try something new, apply, interview, change. I become attached to my own personal norms.

I’m thankful, however, to own the ability to recognize that it takes effort. Otherwise, I would be stuck in stagnancy for a very short time on Earth, doing nothing exciting or fun, not living but existing. Not taking chances.

Every once in awhile, I do something big like begin college, finish college, move away, move back, this and that and that and this. It’s cyclical in a way, and quite scary, but boy is it exciting.

And, once again, as Rafiki says, “It is time.”

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