Let Them See You Cry. Day 328.

Nana passed on June 1, 1993. She had cancer. Before she passed, I would sit with her and internalize everything. All of my questions, thoughts, and emotions, including tears, were held in until I hopped into my little gray Dodge and starting crying before I even hit the gas.

I wonder, and have always wondered, if I should have been more transparent with her, more real. I didn’t want her to be sad, and that’s why I didn’t let her see me cry. I wanted her to think I was going to be OK.

There is no right answer, I know, but I do wonder, more than I maybe should, if I should have let her see me cry.

1 thought on “Let Them See You Cry. Day 328.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I’m sure that your Nana was glad that you took the time to be with her, and that while with her, you did not cry…
    Uncle Lee 😦

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