543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

No Overhead, No Problem. Day 330.

I naively and dreamily figured opening a no-overhead business would be cheap and easy. It makes sense, right? No insurance, no new lease on a building or storefront, no electric bills, no employees to pay.

Well, it is not cheap. In North Carolina, a new business owner has to pay for their license, LLC, website, domain name, and Pender Country requires a fee to run a business out of the home. This is only the beginning.

Navigating through all the website magic is difficult as well. I am good with technology, but there is always something new that needs to be learned, and sometimes something as simple as changing a font or removing a highlight is time-consuming, all while my eyes begin to cross. It’s not like creating a Facebook page, but so in-depth and technical. I’ve Googled many questions today.

I am working full-time so when I clock out for the day, I begin working on developing this new brand of mine, my very own business. All day long, I looked forward to playing around on the internet and trying new colors or fonts on my site. I wondered about using palettes that were clean and plain then thought ones with pastels or bold hues would be best. That will come to me, but for now simplicity makes more sense.

I thought about leaving it unpublished as I work, but the transparency of it may invite some advice or critique from people who wish to take a peek. I welcome all constructive feedback.

I am fueled and the energy the process is expelling is great, but the excitement grabs that same energy and reclaims it as mine. This will be a long process, but it’s happening, and I am thrilled! Now to call the IRS.

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