543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

Me, Me, Me. Day 331.

Day five of the business being legal and I am dragging my feet and making hot pepper sauce with the abundance of cayenne peppers the hot NC sun has helped us grow instead of adding to my site. Why? Because I have to write my About Me section for my website.

I was hoping my post today would be a double-dip, a simple link-share of that specific section on my new Maescribes website. It’s not quite ready.

I can write about the K-9 cop in minutes or pen a poem while I stir the roux for cheese sauce all day long. I can also tell you about Roger’s first deployment or a recipe for the most perfect whipped cream (real vanilla beans), but I have a hard time writing about me directly, about how I can find any error in someone’s work for them, and about my capabilities as a business owner who can deliver on her promise to provide a service, a really good service.

“Hey I’m Teresa and I’m wicked awesome.”

I remember in college we had many classes in our writing concentration that required a bio. It was the one assignment I lingered on and put on the rusty back burner while I swept the floor twice or watched the “Lice” episode of The Office for the 87th time.

I do have a draft and I feel better now that I’ve spilled this out onto the keys, so I thank you, audience of lovely people, for being my therapists and counselors. I don’t think you know how much I appreciate you all.

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