Sharing a Room with Someone. Day 361.

I got new floors! Like?

Sharing a room with Roger was so easy, but I can’t imagine ever doing it again.

Maybe because it’s been too long, but the thought of not watching what I want on TV, not having two cats and a large German Shepherd in my bed, and listening to someone else snore doesn’t sound good to me.

Growing up, I used to think it was a little weird that my Nana and Poppa didn’t share a room. I thought they would be lonely, but now I get it.

Maybe one day someone will come along who will make me second guess my opinions of today. It’ll have to be a non-snorer who loves animals and likes the same shows I do. Otherwise, we’ll just have to live separately and meet up for ice cream or a movie somewhere, and I’m OK with that.

1 thought on “Sharing a Room with Someone. Day 361.”

  1. If you took a poll of people over the age of 60, you’d find that a lot of people feel as you do and live that way too!
    auntie sue
    Ps. Love your floors!

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