543 Day Writing Journey

Must Be the Light. Day 370.

Split yellow highway lines at night, walks in the cool mossy woods, and the scent of a clean oak fire have been infiltrating my mind lately, in short, abrupt blips that have no meaning or reason.

“It must be the lighting,” I tell the boys when we speak of our melancholy and nostalgic moods we’ve been experiencing lately. The air is no more crisp and the humidity shows no signs of going south, so I wonder if it’s our carnal selves recognizing the lessening of light the day offers that is offering us some interesting mindsets and moods.

I’m a winter girl and am most happy with campfires, apple pie, and pink cheeks, but I do miss the summer light. The effect of lacking light is something I didn’t notice so much in earlier years, but for the past few, I do see what it can do to my moods and to my imagination. It invites a figurative darkness as well full of sad memories, thoughts that don’t make sense, and potential future worries.

The greatest gift is awareness because with it comes a chance. I can fight off the winter blues before they shadow my moods. I recognize the need for a little sun on my face on the year’s shortest days, as well as the importance of getting rid of the sweatpants sometimes, putting on a little lip gloss, and going for a plain old ride.

I’m ready for you, Winter. Bring be your cold, but I will fight your darkness with so much light. Apple pie anyone?

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