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9/11 Repost. Day 369.

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I wrote this post a year ago and it still stands. Use today to live a little slower, soak up your freedom and peace, and reflect on those we lost that day 21 years ago. Somber, yes, but let’s maybe try to pry ourselves out of that just enough to live live live out of respect for those who perished that day. Also, celebrate the lives of ones like Roger who followed years later because of 9/11.

Mention them, talk about them, REMEMBER them.

This repost is about taking it a little slower and going down virgin roads:

2 thoughts on “9/11 Repost. Day 369.”

  1. NEVER forgotten–the too many we lost this day and the too many that we have lost and still lose in the years that follow because of this day. We speak their names so they continue to live in our hearts and minds and share them with those who never knew them. ♡♡♡♡

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  2. Dear Teri,
    “We’ll never forget”, and it’s up to us to teach our younger generation what happened on that sunny Tuesday morning, on 9/11, so they can better understand what an ideological religious hatred can do to innocent people…
    Lee 😦

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