Another Turn on Life’s Highway. Day 368.

It is time to start working full-time making Maescribes into something. Working for Treasure Realty in Eastern North Carolina was my stepping stone, my first paying job since I was pregnant with Sammy. I was hired on March 21st of this year, and my last day will be September 29th. I wrote a post about beginning work after I was hired. Click HERE to read it.

Treasure Realty has been purchased by another company, which is a little sad, but it offers many of my talented and worthy coworkers a chance at true growth where they may see their hidden limits and explosive potential. I don’t think the next company has any clue about the human gold mine they just acquired, but they surely will soon.

Tyler and Sammy will continue with the new company! I’m so excited for them and their new responsibilities and opportunities, and cannot wait to witness their progress. Max and Baylee will not continue on after the takeover, but may apply next summer when the seasonal jobs are available. For now, they are both going to school and have enough to focus on.

The new company did offer me a job! Well, two. The first one was more of a managerial position, but I don’t want to do something like that. The next offer, although a more creative role of responding to online reviews of all sorts sounded good at first. I am grateful for the offers and opportunities, and although I’m not a big believer of signs, I wondered anyway if this whole takeover was a message of some sort. So, I declined that offer as well.

I considered the second one at first because it was a steady income working from home and a little writing was involved, but became quite stoked at Option C, which is to not work for someone else for about eight weeks and see what I can do with this business. I cringed when I clicked SEND to share my letter of denial with them. I said that I was very thankful and was grateful for their effort to fit me in somewhere.

It’s time to dive in and stop wading.

(I’m giving myself eight weeks to make some type of progress with my business, and then will look for something else all while still giving Maescribes all of my effort and heart. This statement deserve parenthesis because it is simply a disclaimer in case the rarest of outcomes happen, because she will succeed.)

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Another Turn on Life’s Highway. Day 368.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    We are wishing you the “best of luck” as you begin your new “adventure”!!! Be brave, be bold, be successful!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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