543 Day Writing Journey

ISO Transparency. Day 391.

There are many topics I do not touch when writing pieces for this public blog. I wonder if I will ever be able to offer my readers posts about what I really want to talk about, my actual opinions with no explanation or excuse.

There are many reasons I do not or cannot write about my real opinions, and although there is nothing truly controversial in my life, some of my opinions are, and it’s simply not time to share them with the world. If I am looking to book a client, I don’t want my opinion of something to hinder that. If I apply for a job I don’t want something I write to become a reason for them not to hire me.

Part of my reasoning is that people don’t accept other’s opinions if they don’t align with theirs. I’m not speaking of anyone or anything in particular, but in general.

I fantasize about sharing my true self with the world one day, but for now, I know it’s not ready.

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