543 Day Writing Journey

No Place to Go. Day 392.

When I was eighteen with a young Tyler, I was packing to move out of my parents’ house to live in an apartment in Southampton, MA. I had boxes of hand-me-down pots and pans from Nana, cheap, flimsy towels from Ames department store, and a couch that looked as though it belonged on the the Golden Girls’ lanai.

Nowadays, me leaving home would be impossible because of rental increases and COVID’s way of creating greed in property owners.

I am trying to help someone find a place to live in North Carolina. Apartments, trailers, houses, and even rooms are not only difficult to come by, but impossible, and it’s not solely a matter of funds.

How is it that places to live are not available? Are people just not leaving them? It’s not like something happened to the dwellings.

People are moving in with their significant others before they’re ready, staying way longer with their parents’ than they wish to, and remaining in places where they are unhappy, uncomfortable, or even unsafe.

Although rental rates are not the only issues when searching for homes to rent these days, the amount you need to afford your own place to live is incredibly high. Click HERE to see how much you need to make in each state to afford a one-bedroom place. It is simply wow, so people can’t afford to rent a place, and if they can, there are none available.

The waiting lists are miles long, too, and they continue to elongate with no end in site. They will say a place is ready in October then it becomes November and it keeps on going that way.

Home buying, renting, building, etc., is not what it used to be. It’s frightening to imagine needing a place to live and simply not being able to find one. Whatever the reasons are for this occurrence, I hope it settles down soon. This is ridiculous!

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