543 Day Writing Journey

We Know Too Much. Day 394.

I’ve covered this before a few times because it’s on my mind all day, every day. We know too much.

We wonder why there are more cases and conversations about anxiety and depression, and no matter where your opinion rests on the topic, it’s happening. People genuinely are suffering more lately.

When I was a kid in the 80’s we didn’t have full, unlimited access to information. We had to wait for the news to come on, read a newspaper, and the information you shared with your friends and family was the same information from the same paper and same news program. By information, I mean every single thing that has happened, is happening, and can happen is known to us. By us, I mean ourselves, our friends, and our family.

We know about the new diseases out there and what they can do to a human being in gruesome, terrifying detail. We are aware of the types of criminals in the world and the sadistic, creepy things they do to others. We know about the conflicts, traditions accepted beliefs, rising costs, crazy opinions, killer microbes that fresh water can contain, divorces, and more. We also see our favorite celebrities and world leaders as they age and die, and we are fully aware of what our neighbors’ and coworkers’ political beliefs are.

It’s just too much for a person and it’s not always sought out. Friends love to share sad, depressing, and frightening news on their social media. It is nestled alongside photos of their children, their dinner, and over-filtered selfies with them wearing an “I Voted” sticker.

It’s just too much and it’s starting to really affect our confidence and our moods. It’s the new world, though, and it won’t change, so I suppose we need to get used to it, right?

2 thoughts on “We Know Too Much. Day 394.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I don’t like the direction our country is heading into… My main concerns today are for our grandchildren’s well-being, and what our society, and country will be like for them after we’re gone from this earth…
    Uncle Lee 😦

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  2. Nope…I find myself not watching the news so much any more. I try to stear away from politics talk and no longer search the obituarys…daily life has enough ups and downs and I don’t need to go deeper down than I already am.
    ❤ you,
    auntie sue

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