543 Day Writing Journey

Stutz. Day 436.

Jonah Hill attempts to turn the tables on his therapist, Phil Stutz, a sweet and funny therapist in a new Netflix documentary called Stutz. It is dark, light, and intriguingly informative. I will use a couple tools I learned by watching it for life, even though the movie was less than two hours.*

In it, Stutz speaks of a “maze” and how it’s something you’ll never find your way out of. The maze, if you picture it in your mind, will remind you to not try to find the exit. Typical “mazes” are thoughts such as “why doesn’t he love me” or “what would life have been like if . . .” We tend to overthink ideas, issues, and problems we have although our thinking will not show us the door, but if you close your eyes and picture a maze, you will remember that it is best to move on and begin thinking of something else, because a “maze” issue is unsolvable.

He draws with a pen on index cards which offers his patients a picture instead of word thoughts. Words can become muddled and manipulated by our own selves at times, and pictures are just what they are, pictures. They are less pliable and more tangible. You cannot lie about a picture.

Give this movie a try. It radiates warmth throughout, and it will offer you tools that you may actually use. I know I used them today. I feel different. Let me know what you think!

*I have not had much luck in therapy. As a naturally skeptical human, I’m tough to break through. Plus, I am a Forester. (If you know, you know.)

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