543 Day Writing Journey

Dog Ears. Day 441.

When you’re about to finish reading your book for the day, do you use a bookmark or do you turn down a small triangle at of the top of the page? (Yes, some of us still read books.)

A teacher once told me not to dog-ear the pages because the corners never fully recover, and I get that. I do, however, love to read a book that’s been dog-eared in the past. Why did that person stop reading? Is it the end of a chapter, or did they receive a phone call? There’s a story, another kind of story, kind of like notes in the margins.

It’s difficult to feel lonely when you read a book that someone else read, like ones from the library, a tag sale, or the Goodwill. Oh, I used to love going to the Goodwill in Northampton, MA. There I found a first edition copy of The House at Old Vine by Norah Lofts, grocery lists written in cursive, and many pencil marks and dog-ears.

Books can be haunted in a way, or alive, and I love it. So, these days I use dog ears, and that’s all I have to say about that.

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