543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

My Very Own Business. Day 466.

“Mom, you have to take breaks,” Max said.

“I know, I will.”

“You’ve been on your computer all day,” he said.

“I’m just trying to figure this one thing out,” I said.

When I decided to open Maescribes, I thought it was a dream, a wish maybe to have a little something on the side to keep me busy and offer me some funds for emergencies. I thought about people like my Nana, Auntie Pat, and my paternal grandfather, and attempted to channel their business sense. I felt like an imposter, an actual grownup

The work I do attaches itself to my core, and I feel attached to it just the same. It’s fulfilling. It’s real.

I have actual clients with actual needs, clients who are doing really cool things. Some are just starting out like me and we are free to share with each other about it. It creates a true connection built on similar excitement and fears embraced by trust.

I am working, not for a boss, not for a chief, not for a teacher, but for my clients. I am busy, so busy I have not had much time to build Maescribes, which I think is a good problem to have. My attention is directed at the cause and my focus is inexorable, as am I.

I am grateful. Really freaking grateful.

2 thoughts on “My Very Own Business. Day 466.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    We are so happy to hear this “news”… Your “dream” has begun to unfold, and take root… You will be helping others achieve their “goals”, as you achieve yours along the way!!!
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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