543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

Are You a Two Spacer? Day 483.

Today in my post for Maescribes, I speak about spacing. The content is riveting, I know, but it is important.

Are you a one-spacer or a two-spacer? We are all capable of evolving, but this one was difficult for me.

Thanks for reading!

543 Day Writing Journey, Maescribes

Cookbooks, A Maescribes Service. Day 477.

I wrote a cookbook and it’s at the printers! It has over fifty recipes and tons of photos of yummy food.

When it’s back from the printers, I will list it for sale on my Maescribes site.

I’m so excited! Read more about it here:

543 Day Writing Journey

My First Client! Day 421.

I had my first client for Maescribes! I wrote a property description for a house that is for sale.

It was and still is surreal to send someone an invoice for something I did, for a business I created, for a dream I never thought I would fulfill, yet here I am, doing it like Nike.

All the support I am still receiving is granting me some extra confidence, and I am grateful. For now, I need a moment. Just a short one, though, because I have work to do.

543 Day Writing Journey

My First Post. Day 385.

I wrote my first blog post for Maescribes! It is very important content about homonyms and how incorrect usage can actually affect your business. Misuse of like words can cause potential clients or customers to have unfair misconceptions about your ability and product. Here she is: