543 Day Writing Journey

Property Description. Day 478.

Called “The Chicken Tree,” it offers shade in the summer and loses its leaves to offer direct sunlight in the winter.

Nestled safely alongside the protection of friendly humans and contained watch dogs, this bright and airy coop with an oversized attached run is shaded in the summer and open for sunlight in the colder months. Shielded from the city lights, you will find one large bedroom, perfect for laying eggs, sleeping, and huddling up with your flock. The home offers an electric door to protect you from the neighborhood racoons and foxes, and the covered run is the most wonderful place to sun yourself, scratch around, and bathe in the fresh, black dirt without worrying about the menacing hawks.

There is a large wooden roost that measures the full length of the steel run, room enough to fit you and twelve other flock members. Both the coop and run offer plenty of nooks and crannies for you to hide yourself from the grouchy alpha hen, a frisky rooster, and even your human friends. There is also a corner roost for when you need some alone time, and for the roosters, a sturdy cinder block to make you feel tall and proud while you wake up the resting community with your high-pitched crows.

The neighborhood is welcoming and quiet with only a few other coops on the cul-de-sac, singles and families. Fresh water is changed daily and always available from the 200-foot deep well, and the nearby garden provides fresh seasonal vegetables like tomatoes and green peas. Also for your nourishment and enjoyment are fruits such as watermelons, green herbs, and sunflowers, thick with oily black seeds. Green centipede grass grows fresh and long throughout most of the year, and in the fall, piles of leaves are available to kick through and find earthworms and roly-polies.

Contact me now and scoop this place up before it’s too late. You won’t regret calling Willard, North Carolina home.

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