543 Day Writing Journey

Editors. Day 479.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I edit, right, so why would I need an editor to look over my cookbook? Well, I discovered the answer to that yesterday.

Two sets of eyes are needed. I received the proof from the printers yesterday and sent them back five pages of edits. Yes, FIVE! I was shocked at the mistakes I missed, and realized that because I was immersed in the book every day for months, I was unable to see grammar and spelling errors because they became familiar to me, normal.

Also, I have not yet mastered InDesign, the program I used to create the book. It does have a spellcheck feature, yet I do not know how to use it. It caused me to realize how much I rely on the red lines under words when I use Microsoft Word or even my Android phone.

It’s all a learning process. I will order a few books to be printed and hopefully editing eyes like Sam’s will see the mistakes and I can adjust and edit. Then, I will order more.

(I will also make myself write avocado fifty times because apparently I don’t know how to spell it.)

3 thoughts on “Editors. Day 479.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    It happens to us all!!! I too, depend upon spell check in my correspondence efforts… My OCD is so bad that when someone else sends me an email message, and it has the little blue dots underneath certain words that were misspelled, I find myself correcting their spelling errors, before responding back to them… (Pretty sad huh)?!?
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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