543 Day Writing Journey

Ego. Day 141.

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“You’re a great writer,” they’ve all said. Family, friends, professors, and even strangers still say that. Of course. It’s like when you don a new haircut and people say they love it, or when you bake someone a cake. “This is to die for.”

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543 Day Writing Journey

Feature Writing. Day 126.

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People’s stories are why we know about our history. It’s not the history books, encyclopedias, and the internet that give us our information from the past, it’s from hearing what the people have to say. Sometimes they write the stories themselves, like in literature, poetry, and even hundred-year old notes found in the attic floorboards. If it’s not a first-hand account, our history can be found in the form of a feature story, and I am doing one right now!

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543 Day Writing Journey

Wow. Day 111.

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For 111 days straight, I have been writing. Sometimes it’s a simple revision, others it’s a scheduled post, but I have been practicing some form of writing, revising, or organizing my thoughts for 111 days!

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543 Day Writing Journey

My Commitment. Day 78.

Homemade cranberry sauce is so yum.

We started early this morning, running around Wallace about eight o’clock when everything opened. Sammy went to work and Max, Doo, and I went to the store to get extra butter, because, butter, a longer tablecloth for the eight-foot fold-up we have, and a basketball that we won’t keep in the dog yard. Pop.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Stephenie Meyer. Day 54.

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I’m 47 and am unashamed to say that if Twilight is on, I will watch it. I’m not sure if the timing of the movie aligned with the sequence of events of my life, or if I plain old like the concept and story. A forbidden love story to me has always been the blood to my thirst, and I read the books first, so I just had to watch the movies. The books don’t have the cringy moments the movies tend to display, yet I still became semi-hooked to them. I have a hard time avoiding Robert Pattinson and his inhibition to be strange. (If you don’t agree, check him and Willem Dafoe out in the movie, Lighthouse. It’s very, very odd.) Twilight’s storyline distracts viewers from everyday life trials because it’s unrealistic. Also, the author fascinates me.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Stream of consciousness. Day 41.

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Traditionally speaking, when writing blog posts, they are supposed to be categorized in a way that makes sense. People will write weekly about dating, food, homeschooling, or some other topic that is easy to categorize, and usually their page is designed in a way that caters to their subject.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Day Twenty-One

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Searching for a job is intense and frustrating, and it can make a person feel less than. It’s difficult to weed through the posts and companies, and I’m sure a potential employee is difficult to weed through also. Today, I made the decision to make it easier for one who many consider me.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Day Three

It’s difficult to organically come up with something to write about. For me, I need inspiration, a prompt, or an assignment. I could mind map or brainstorm, I suppose, and will try that next time. Because I started this writing challenge, I have to think of something each day because people are reading these, even from different countries! Thank you!

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