543 Day Writing Journey

Not Much Time Left. Day 522.

I have twenty-one days left with this writing project I’ve been doing. I will be at day 543 in less than a month, and it makes me wonder.

After that day, I will probably keep it up weekly, but am not committing. I do love writing daily, and I believe the practice has been beneficial to my new job, my business, and to my heart. Will I miss it? Yes, sure I will. But I could use a little break.

Working two days a week at the college and with my clients for Maescribes is important, fulfilling, and time-consuming. Not posting on my blog daily will be a nice break. Instead, I will post when I feel so compelled or on special occasions.

The pressure is on, however, from myself, to make these next days count. More than anything, thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Not Much Time Left. Day 522.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    Following Day 543 of your “writing journey”, you will still find that your days will be very busy, and perhaps hectic on occasion, with other “mom obligations”, as well as your other jobs…
    I am certain that those blogs that you do post afterwards, will contain many words of wit and wisdom for your viewers to read…
    Please try to “take some extra time to just stop and smell the roses”, in-between your blogs…
    As always, we will be looking forward to reading them, so we can know what is new, and going on with the Adam’s Family in NC…
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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