543 Day Writing Journey

A Memory Flash. Day 480.

Today’s post is a simple daily mention that does not bother me, but needs to be said.

Quite often, I, like many, have quick memory flashes that come to the front of my mind. Yesterday, I pictured a bill I received in the mail in 2009.

It was a few weeks after Roger died, and the bill was from the Department of Transportation. It was dated the day after I found out he passed, and it concerned our trip back to North Carolina to be with our friends and in our own home.

On the paper was a black-and-white photo of the back of my white Chevy Venture van, and there were words accusing me of driving through a toll booth without paying. It was nonsense.

I am aware of what my mental state was that day, but I am certain I did not drive through without paying the fifty cents. What I am certain of, is that this happens to many people. Who is going to travel 400 miles or so to fight it in court? Nobody, and they know it.

Although the bill totaled $25.50, the cost of the fine and original toll, it is a wonder how much profit states make using this practice. It is also a wonder if any have ever been caught. (I have located articles yet they are filled with pop-up ads so I will spare you.) Nobody makes a big enough stink about it because it’s simply not worth it.

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