543 Day Writing Journey

Reflection. Day 514.

On the mornings I tutor at the college, I wake early and have a few minutes to write my post while the house is still quiet.

It’s dark out, and I can hear the red-shouldered hawk screaming outside, waiting for my chickens to come out. I also hear Baylee’s fan whirring and my fingers hitting the keys. It’s almost too quiet.

Often, I’m reminded of the stillness offered by my Wolcott house in Southampton, and how although we loved the house and property, we wanted to come back to NC desperately. We were all in school and thinking hard about our potential future, our forward ever.

I’ve yet to relax into our new positions here because it’s all moving so fast it’s hard to raise a glass and say “cheers” to it, but I realize I need to be more mindful of it, to live in the moment, to offer thanks.

We’re truly home in every way. My business is just what I wanted it to be and working at the college is more fulfilling than I imagined. I never thought working with students would be for me. Now, I can’t imagine not having it.

Off I go today. I will have sweet coffee as a treat and listen to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn on my long drive. On my way home I will meet a friend for a visit, then grab wine, broccoli and good, strong cheddar for soup for this weekend.

Thank you.

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