543 Day Writing Journey

They’re Their Peers. Day 530.

Baylee’s peers are his brothers. Some could say it’s a product of the COVID lockdown, the fact that he’s homeschooled, or that he isn’t currently involved in sports. It’s not, though. He simply enjoys their company. Actually, it’s quite true for each of them. Although their ages are spread out, they still choose to spend time together.

Tye spent the night here last night, and we all had a blast. As always, though, I go to bed and they all stay up laughing and hanging out. They don’t have some things in common, they have everything in common. Additionally, they are open with each other about their feelings and they each have very kind hearts.

Sometimes I think back to when I was pregnant with Sammy. Tyler was six. I was worried that he would feel set aside or insecure because he was the only one for so long. I mourned him being an only child. He didn’t. When Sammy was born, Tye seemed happier, which I didn’t think was possible for him. Their age difference didn’t matter one bit, either, and Sammy eventually learned how to catch up. Max and Doo weren’t far behind.

I am blessed with a sense of security and comfort in the fact that they’re all so close. Moving back to NC was a smart decision. I don’t think we would have ever felt whole otherwise, and maybe especially the boys.

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