543 Day Writing Journey

Another Dad List. Day 534.

Let’s continue yesterday’s list:

  • Dad loved when I was pregnant. He was a big fan of putting his hand on my belly and feeling the baby move, and he, to Tyler’s happiness, loved gaining weight right along with me. Taco Bell anyone? DQ next? He was fascinated by the science of it and loved the book A Child is Born. He read all the books, even up until we left for the hospital. “Roger, we need to go!” I said, writhing in pain. “It says here you’re not in active labor yet,” he said with grace and confidence. He was only wearing his boxers, sitting up in bed, covered in a gaudy bright yellow Kmart comforter, reading What to Expect While You’re Expecting. I gave him the look and he swiftly got up and got dressed.
  • He had the beginning of a tattoo on his back. It was three suns with zodiac signs in them running down the top of his spine, one for each of you except Baylee because he was not around yet. It had not yet been shaded. We spent the afternoon at his friend’s house in downtown Jacksonville sipping boujee beers and learning new people. His friend was learning to tattoo and Roger was all of his buddies’ greatest supporter.
  • He used to say “Can I” to me. It was a line from the movie, Casper. The ghost used to say that to the girl he loved. It meant, “Can I keep you?”
  • I have video of Dad doing a Flaming Doctor Pepper shot. It has some type of high-proof alcohol in it that when lit, fires up pretty good. He spilled some on his hand and kept drinking as he waved his hand around to put out the fire. (He should have known that adding oxygen to it would not help.)
  • He must have loved a good electrical shock. Another video I have is of him being tased. The Onslow County Sheriff’s Department came to the fire department once to do a taser demonstration, and of course, your dad just had to volunteer. Also, he tended to shock himself every time he did electrical work in the house. Once he was installing a ceiling fan in Sammy’s room and I heard a loud, “Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!” followed by a giggle. Yep, it was Dad. “I’m OK!”
  • Dad tried and tried to make a good cut with a coping saw. It’s an angle one must make when putting up crown molding; the wood has to be at an angle but not a simple angle. It’s very complicated and Dad, with tongue out, of course, finally figured it out.
  • Dad’s favorite days were Sundays. We didn’t do chores, we were all together, and the meal was always special and required much thought from us during the week. We would watch Food Network to get ideas, make shopping lists, and plan our day around the meal. It was family time. However, he was the worst when it came to Sundayitis. Of course, each one of you four inherited this wonderful trait. I suppose it means he loved being home, so I find it endearing and it makes me happy that we made the home such a good place for him to be.
  • Since we both passed our EMT exams and the Jacksonville Fire Department agility test, our future plan was to both work for them one day. Their schedule is two days off, one day on. It would have been perfect. One day he would work, one day I would work, and the third day we would both be off. You boys would always have one parent, at least, home. I still dream of that.
  • Dad mowed the lawn wearing silkies, or tiny little USMC shorts, and shower shoes. There is photo evidence, sons. There is photo evidence.

This list, boys, is not, and will never be done.

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