543 Day Writing Journey

A Bungalow. Day 282.

As Steve Rogers says, “I can do this all day.” I love love love writing property descriptions, especially ones as charming as this. This is one of the five I’ve written in the past twenty-four. Thanks, God.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Trying Something New. Day 212.

My gull friend. I don’t know her name.

This exquisite six bedroom, four-and-a-half bath property has a community pool, an elevator that goes to the main floor, rooms for days, and it sleeps eighteen people! On the first-floor oceanfront deck, you and your party can have a Sunday morning brunch at the dining set, or lazily soak in the hot tub while you watch pods of dolphins swim and a majestic pelican pair fly by.

When you walk through the grand entrance to the home, you will notice a classic, clean, and modern style with large white pillars and a lovely flow from room to room. Neutral tones and sleek, hardwood floors throughout add to an elegant, yet cozy feel. The kitchen is well-stocked with multiple appliances, cookware, dishes, a wine cooler and an island with stools, counter space, and a cooktop! From the dining room you can walk through the sliding door onto a large deck where you can view the ocean and watch the sun rise while you sip your morning coffee. 

Here is the full version which was published April 9, 2022:


543 Day Writing Journey

Day Trip. Day 172.

A job search, loud puppy, and a new war had me spinning. I was allowing a little frustration to enter my spirit and cloud my rational mind, so Doo, Gisele, and I decided to take a trip to see Tye, Deaven, and the pups at the beach to refresh our souls.

Of course, the ocean is calming most days, and the vastness of it reminded me of how little my personal issues were. The puppies are really recognizing us as part of their pack, and were happy to see us. Maxine thinks Gisele is the bee’s knees and shows it by flattening herself on the ground and licking her face, her little ears back in the sweetest surrender.

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