543 Day Writing Journey

Nana’s Trick. Day 507.

Nana was pretty much a lefty. She primarily wrote with her left hand but was completely proficient at using her right as well. That’s not the coolest part.

Nana could, with both hands, write her name at the same time! One name she would write the regular way, and the other she would write backward. If she held the paper up to a mirror, it looked perfect.

Her penmanship was also an art with clean, curved ups and downs. Tiny cursive a’s would mix with high and straight t’s. It was beautiful. It is beautiful.

I miss Nana, but I am so grateful to still have her perfect prose on intentional notepaper.

1 thought on “Nana’s Trick. Day 507.”

  1. Dear Teri,
    I have hand-written two letters in cursive writing to Mia & Mario, in hopes that they would sit down and try to write me back in cursive writing… (I am not holding my breath waiting for such handwritten letters from them)…
    (I’m certain that my cursive writing abilities are nowhere near as perfect as your Nana’s correspondence’s were)… :O
    Uncle Lee 🙂

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