543 Day Writing Journey

The Red Pumps. Day 110.

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels.com

Nana loved to shop, and our go-to places on weekend mornings were Bradlees and Caldor. She also loved to pick out clothes for me, but when I was in sixth grade, I started forming my own opinions about what I liked to wear. It was 1985, Madonna had just taken over the world, and I wanted red pumps.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Day Twenty-five

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

My ears awoke first, sharing with me the early spring bird songs permeating the screen in the window. Then, my nose told me that bacon and silver-dollar pancakes were already on the stove, and that the coffee finished percolating. I opened my eyes, and noticed I was alone.

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