Another List. Day 537.

Some thoughts:

  • I am the age Nana was when I was born.
  • This is well-known, but Roger was not the best builder of a fire. We used to tease him about it.
  • Half of my kids are left-handed.
  • The older I get, the more I realize everything is temporary.
  • Imagine if a creature made bouillon out of you.
  • The power of an audience creates a brave performer.
  • I would be happy if the student loan relief was passed, for me, for them, for all.
  • I toy with the idea of removing my neck mole.
  • Nana used to talk to me about being sick, but I always changed the subject. I wish I let her lean on me a little bit more.
  • I got one B in college in Elementary Statistics.
  • Denon and Bose are wonderful products.
  • Leave Madonna alone.
  • Press releases are no fun to write.
  • My dad and I used to have coffee and drive around to see old cemeteries. We would read what was on the stones and talk about the families. I miss that.
  • I miss Zoeeee.
  • I wonder what my variant is like.
  • Watch Lil Dicky, “Earth.
  • Roger crying when he was saying “goodbye” to two-week-old Max on September 11th will forever haunt me.
  • When the boys have kids, they will call me “Mana.” It’s a cross between my two grandmothers: Margie and Nana.
  • Good dreams can be bad dreams with angelic visitors. It makes waking up no fun.

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