543 Day Writing Journey

Road Trip. Day 538.

Dreamy, grand ideas come to me so easily, but I don’t always execute them. This one, however, I really want to do.

The Red Wood Forest has fascinated me since youth. Nana would come back from California with enormous pine cones about half a foot in diameter. We had two growing up that would travel from room to room when our effects were moved around or when redecorating occurred. When I saw photos of the redwood trees and the immense size of them compared to humans or even cars, the images locked themselves into my mind, creating this festering infatuation that will not leave. It’s time to see them for myself. One goal I do have is to avoid major cities and focus on natural landmarks and country roads.

The details of this road trip have not been decided yet. Taking my Jeep would be just fine. It’s not terrible on gas, can hold enough supplies for camping, and can go off road. No, I’m not planning on camping in dangerous, remote areas, but a little traction never hurt anyone. Some nights would be camping, some in cabins, and maybe I’ll spend a night or two in a hotel. Visiting grocery stores and preparing some of the food with my camp stove and over a fire would be a dream, but the route will probably determine that as well as the sleeping situation.

A couple hours a day will be sufficient to take me to California, up the West Coast, across the US to Maine, then down the East Coast to home. A game at Fenway would be a nice plus, but we’ll see. Baylee wants to go, Max said “maybe,” and Sammy will probably stay home and take care of the house and non-humans. We’ll take a pup with us.

I have received some great feedback from people about their experiences, where to go, and where not to go. The main point of this is to experience life, to see real things instead of reading about them, and to have fun. Some states I don’t need to go to are Florida and Texas, so I will begin traveling straight west. Planning this is half the fun, and fantasizing about it is my current fuel.

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