543 Day Writing Journey

The Village. Day 68.

“Where are you going?” I asked Roger.

“Kmart,” he said with a serious face.

“Again?” I asked.

“I just need one more bulb and a short extension cord.”

“Don’t you think we have enough cords?” I asked.

“It’ll only be ten bucks. Tye, put shoes on and come with me to Kmart.”

“Can I get a candy bar?” Tye asked.

“Fine,” Roger answered.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Jealousy. Day 37.

She wore a sleek, black dress with small diamond earrings. Her hair was brown and smooth, brushed back to show her jawline and youthful face. He was smiling, his dark brown eyes contrasted his brand new white button-down. You could still see the creases from the packaging.

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