543 Day Writing Journey

Sandwich. Day 254.

Nana was in the big-enough, poorly-lit kitchen, wiping down the counter with a brand new yellow sponge minutes after she parked her car after a three-hour drive. We all loaded up our skinny arms with supplies for the week and brought them from the car to the house, flip-flops flipping and flopping along the way.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Chopper Mom. Day 245.

“Eat your breakfast now,” I said to Baylee.


“So I can be home in case you choke.” I was getting ready to leave for work, and he would be alone all day.

I suppose that seems funny or over-the-top for some, but it’s our way of life. It’s not a chosen way of life, and maybe not even situational, but it’s tangible and constant.

When I say situational, I mean some would think we are worriers because of what happened to us, but it’s also genetic. I come from a long line of worriers, so our situation, so-to-speak, simply and complicatedly magnified and continues to magnify our worry.

If a dog limps, we go to the worst case scenario, and Heaven forbid they cough. That’s another story. We continuously suffer the consequences of our genes and happenings by living a life full of what-ifs. We have to put significant effort into enjoying life, celebrating, but we can and we do.

We party and swim and go to the beach. (Although I do stare at my man-children in case they need me to save them from drowning.) We have to put a little more effort into living and having fun, but we do.

Usually when a child turns into an adult, the parent stops telling them things like “Don’t cut yourself” or “chew slower” but I never hit that wall. I never stopped. I don’t think I will actually. Maybe I’m that mom who does get into the pilot’s seat and helicopters over their heads. If that’s what it takes to keep them safe, then so be it.

Just call me, Chopper Mom. (Very superheroesque. I need a cape.)

543 Day Writing Journey

No Memories. Day 240.

Everything Baylee knows about Roger is from what he’s been told and photos he’s seen. Just today he quoted to me, “You know that the earliest memories begin around three years old.” He was not quite three when Roger died. I could see his quiet face concentrating on the math.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Worry. Day 238.

It’s debilitating and I think I do it to myself. I wish I had that gift of letting my kids figure it all out on their own, but I’m the mom who always says, “Don’t cut yourself” when they’re holding scissors or “Don’t choke” when they’re eating. Mind you, my kids are not babies anymore, and I don’t see an end in sight to my madness.

I’m not a helicopter mom, but a reminder mom who lectures and makes sure they know what they most likely already know.

Max went to his first day of work today after just getting his license, and I worried all morning until I got his text. “I made it. Love you.” I took a deep breath and thanked God.

All day we texted, him initiating more than I did because I was trying to give him space. Well, he forgot his charger, which in this day and age, and since he didn’t know the way yet, means he didn’t know how to get home.

“My phone is at one percent,” he texted me.

“You’ll have to figure it out,” I said, wanting to cry.

Well, he did, and he’s on his way home now. I knew he could do it, but why don’t I want to let him?

543 Day Writing Journey

New Drivers. Day 234.

Max finally earned his driver’s license! Due to him not being in a rush, COVID restrictions at the RMV in Massachusetts, and one failed attempt, it took longer than he would have liked. He got it, though. He practiced and studied and went in there knowing what he was doing. We were both very freaked out, but when he rounded that corner, I saw that smile his dad gave him stuck on his face, and I knew.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Beach Property for Rent. Day 233.

This hasn’t been published yet, so I eliminated the names.

Find harmony on a tranquil part of the island in this newly painted, clean and cheerful six bedroom, four and a half bathroom ocean-view house that sleeps fourteen people and has six balconies! You will admire the sunrise, sunset, inlet, and the ocean from this three-story home. This dog-friendly, newly decorated house nestled in the private community of &*%$* boasts a beach access and three stories, each with its own living area with ample comfortable seating and smart TVs.

Smart TVs are also in each of the six bedrooms ready for you to sign on to your favorite streaming apps. Two of the bedrooms, one on the first floor and one on the second are master suites with king beds and their own bathroom. Other bedrooms include two more on the first floor and another two on the third floor, enough room and separation for several families. 

The house sits on a cul de sac, right across from the private community beach access, offering a safe, short walk to the sand and sea. This part of the island will lend you a serene beach stay with an array of restaurants, bars, and shops only a short drive away, but not close enough to cause a loud, busy vibe.

The staircase at the front of the house will guide you to the first floor which boasts three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, and the convenience of a laundry room so you may return home with clean clothes, but it doesn’t stop there.

The second floor is the heart of the home with a sitting area, a large living room with ocean views, one bedroom, and two bathrooms. It is also home to the well-stocked kitchen, a gourmet chef’s dream with a Keurig bar, stainless steel appliances, a dining area with a large table that seats eight, and additional seating at the kitchen bar and center island. Adults can enjoy a glass of wine in the ocean-view living room while the kids play games a short distance away upstairs.

The third floor, a child’s dream, has two bedrooms, a large sitting area with a table perfect for games or snacktime, another bathroom, and a game nook well-stocked with board games. Children will love the bright colors and ocean life decor while they create lifelong memories.

Don’t wait to book this property in the highly-coveted area of *%^@&$?. It will go fast! 

543 Day Writing Journey

Pigging Out. Day 232.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Walmart has boxes of cereal, name brand cereal, called Mega size. Last night I tucked a bright orange, 31.2 ounce box of Reese’s Puffs under my arm and brought it to bed with me. I knew I wanted to add to the extra milk at the bottom of my enormous bowl a little at a time, many, many times. Then I drank as much of the milk as I could before it made me sick, fell asleep, and dreamt about Wanda carrying around a live copperhead. I awoke this morning with a sore mouth, dirty dishes in my room (which I read is no good for one’s mental state), and no remorse.

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543 Day Writing Journey

German Shepherds. Day 223.

Zoeeee loved the trash.

I feel as though I would be doing a major disservice to anyone who follows me on social media or reads my posts on this wonderful WordPress page, if I didn’t talk about German shepherd dogs (GSD) a little and maybe offer a warning.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Egg Bloom. Day 222.

Look how the bloom took over the show.

When I go to the chicken coop to collect eggs, I can put them in a basket and keep them on the counter until they’re ready to be used. They are covered with something called a bloom which protects the inside of the shell from bacteria. Read more about the bloom HERE. It’s pretty cool.

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543 Day Writing Journey

The Big Cats’ Real Friend. Day 219.

Photo by Jimmy Chan on Pexels.com

Learning is a practice, a lifelong, tiring event that we have to experience. In order to learn, though, we have to be willing to admit that we were once naïve about something and that we have since changed our ways, or are at least planning to. Learning is about opening our minds and admitting we were wrong. Learning is about not being a big old hard-headed, stubborn, close-minded know-it-all.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Long and Flat Roads. Day 218.

About two minutes after I leave my house, I fly down the ramp onto Interstate 40, a flat and long road with no pot holes or traffic, at least not where I drive on it. Third gear steals the show as fourth waits until we’re on the highway, blended with the rest of the waltzing little cars and box trucks. Then fifth, then sixth, cruise control, and go.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Not a Repost, but a Repost. Day 213.

*I write for Roger. Click HERE to read more.

In case you never clicked, here’s the story I wrote that was published in a rescue magazine called PawPrints. Click HERE to read more about it.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Trying Something New. Day 212.

My gull friend. I don’t know her name.

This exquisite six bedroom, four-and-a-half bath property has a community pool, an elevator that goes to the main floor, rooms for days, and it sleeps eighteen people! On the first-floor oceanfront deck, you and your party can have a Sunday morning brunch at the dining set, or lazily soak in the hot tub while you watch pods of dolphins swim and a majestic pelican pair fly by.

When you walk through the grand entrance to the home, you will notice a classic, clean, and modern style with large white pillars and a lovely flow from room to room. Neutral tones and sleek, hardwood floors throughout add to an elegant, yet cozy feel. The kitchen is well-stocked with multiple appliances, cookware, dishes, a wine cooler and an island with stools, counter space, and a cooktop! From the dining room you can walk through the sliding door onto a large deck where you can view the ocean and watch the sun rise while you sip your morning coffee. 

Here is the full version which was published April 9, 2022:


543 Day Writing Journey

Egg Baby Driving Test. Day 211.

An actual egg baby that hatched for us three years ago! Mr. Jarndyce

I still can’t believe I’ve posted something on here for 211 days straight! I feel so confident in my writing now, not enough to not go over it a million times first, and also not confident enough to not freak out when someone, probably Sammy, points out a mistake in my writing. I’m happy to have been exercising my brain and typing hands, though, and I feel like this collection will one day be some sort of cool thing for the boys and maybe their kids even.

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543 Day Writing Journey

One Meeno Plant. Day 206.


First of all, I must address the word “meeno.” It’s a word that was created by the one and only Samuel Adams when he was a tot. I recently mentioned Sam’s obsession with tomatoes when he was small, and the word is still running smoothly through our family chats.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Anniversaries. Day 205.

Please please please click HERE. It’s why I write.

The first day a chicken walked on my Jeep.

“Tomorrow will be the first day we’ve all been home since you started working, Mom.” We did buy pizza.

“A year ago today we bought our couch.” We didn’t have a party.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Forever Scarred. Day 204.

I write for my husband, Roger L. Adams, Jr. KIA 29 June 2009. Click HERE to read more.

I noticed this morning when I awoke that I had a missed call from the Wilmington Police Department. Of course, I felt my whole body become numb. My mind never races to the worst case scenario because it doesn’t have to. It’s always resting there, waiting.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Watching People Eat. Day 202.

I love watching people eat, not listening, at all, but watching. Social media has offered the world videos of everything, and many of them include people pigging out.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Royal Rumble! Day 201.

“I won!” I declared.

“Because you made me laugh,” Roger said, defeated. He was smiling, but he was always smiling, so I wasn’t sure if he was being serious. And God bless him if he was being condescending.

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543 Day Writing Journey

My Conscious is Streaming. Day 200.

It’s so cool to help people spend time at places that look like this.

Click HERE to see why I write.

I have a list of topics to write about and refer to it quite often, but today I will just wing it. Max, Baylee, and I have been outside most of the day, working in the yard and garden, and repairing some broken items such as the flag holder on the front porch, and we replaced the plastic dryer vent cover on the back deck with a steel one. I taught Max how to use a hole saw so we could put the umbrella over our picnic table, and we planted red and green bell peppers, and also serranoes and jalapenos.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Finally! Day 199.

I write to honor my late husband, Roger L. Adams, Jr. Click HERE to read more.

I have been waiting so see this in print for weeks now! I interviewed with a couple in Willard who run a rescue. They take in all animals, but specialize in special needs and ones on the kill-list at local shelters, including livestock. (They have a chicken with use of only one leg and she has a therapy rabbit. They sleep together!)

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543 Day Writing Journey

Top Shelf Toothpaste. Day 197.

I write every day about everything in the memory of my husband. To read more about it, click HERE.

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

I have this thing about fancy toothpaste. When there’s a little extra lying around in the grocery budget, I love to splurge on it. You know what I mean, the tubes that are in the stand-up boxes, the ones with gold, foil markings, or the labels marked “clinical strength.” (What’s the deal with that, anyway? Is the other stuff just adequate strength?)

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543 Day Writing Journey

Short Posts. Day 195.

My Space

I start work today!

My commitment to 543 days of writing still stands, but this week my posts may be short while I make the transition that I’ve been wanting for many years. My emotions are bouncy, but I am so excited about taking this next step forward.

Thank you for the well-wishes and swag vibes. They are fuel to me.

543 Day Writing Journey

Cords! Day 194.

He really thought we were going for a walk.

Click here to see why I write: 543

“Can I borrow your charger?” Most likely, we’ve all heard this sentence many times. It’s a close cousin to someone asking where their charger is, two people comparing battery percentage to see who is most worthy of using the charger, or even to someone complaining because their charger doesn’t work. We’re at the mercy of the cords!

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543 Day Writing Journey

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Day 190.

*Click here to see why I’m writing: 543

Bludgeoning a person in the head with a hammer is not something I want people to think of when they hear my son’s name, and it was not my intention, but it’s done, so we have fun with it.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Tough Guys, a Pet Peeve. Day 189.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Maybe my greatest pet peeve is tough guys, ones with a sharp bone to pick or a look-at-me point to prove. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who walk around with I.L.S. (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) where they saunter into a crowded room with their arms puffed out to show their fantasy strength.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Why Don’t You Free-Range Your Chickens? Day 188.

Aunt Wendy three years ago with the newbies

I dedicate this post to Aunt Wendy, our silver-laced Wyandotte who passed this morning. She was five and although she was tiny, she was the boss. All the others respected her and moved out of her way when she wanted them to. Enjoy string cheese with Barbie and the others, sweet Wendy. You are so missed. You have no idea.

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