543 Day Writing Journey

When Are They Gonna Get Married? Day 396.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

A few days after Roger died, several people said to me, “You’re still young and beautiful. You will find someone else.” Superficial, yet well-meaning comments like this continued throughout the years. Of course I want to marry again, right? I mean, who stays single? Well, I don’t see that in my future. I’m not saying never, but I am saying that I am complete as a solitary being in the meantime or forever.

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543 Day Writing Journey

No Place to Go. Day 392.

When I was eighteen with a young Tyler, I was packing to move out of my parents’ house to live in an apartment in Southampton, MA. I had boxes of hand-me-down pots and pans from Nana, cheap, flimsy towels from Ames department store, and a couch that looked as though it belonged on the the Golden Girls’ lanai.

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543 Day Writing Journey

That Stinks! Day 390.

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on Pexels.com

After I pour my first hot cup of Cafe Bustello in the morning, I hold the mug with both hands, close my eyes, and inhale the bold bitter scent. I tried that this morning and felt the warm steam hit my face, but no smell of coffee. I tried again. Nothing.

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COVID Takes. Day 387.

Baylee seeing if I needed anything.

COVID is still lingering around our house, infecting a new person whenever it wishes. So far, Sammy and I have tested positive, Baylee doesn’t feel well but tested negative so far. Max has been hiding in his room or going to school masked so he may avoid it.

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The Chills. Day 386.

We’ve finally become part of the majority and have tested positive for COVID. Well, Sammy and I have. I think it’s just a matter of time before Max and Baylee do, too.

Yesterday I felt a little off, then last night I had the chills and body aches. Because Sammy tested positive the other day, I knew what I was feeling. (He said I could share his results.)

I’m thankful for the ones who created the vaccine and for the more mild variants. Because we are vaccinated, our symptoms are mild, almost like a short flu with a low fever. I am also happy my windows are open in my bedroom and that the air is cool and clean.

For now, this is all I can give. It is time to surround myself in German Shepherds and Modern Family.

543 Day Writing Journey

My First Post. Day 385.

I wrote my first blog post for Maescribes! It is very important content about homonyms and how incorrect usage can actually affect your business. Misuse of like words can cause potential clients or customers to have unfair misconceptions about your ability and product. Here she is:

543 Day Writing Journey

Gummy Smile. Day 382.

Baylee at five

Kindergartners with missing teeth are the cutest little angels, right? We cherish the old pixelated or curling photos of our children with gummy smiles, and look back at how cute they were with gaping holes where their little white pebbles once were.

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543 Day Writing Journey, poetry

Carnage. Day 381.

Photo by Mahmoud Atashi on Pexels.com
Sappy green canopies and umbrellas and a roof.
Lush, sturdy pine branches with stick walls.
Little big homes made of twigs, mud, hair.
New babies tucked into siblings' warmth.

Gray Mom reappears with three acorns 
and a fluffy, speckled off-white mushroom.
Tail the size of her body,
rising high in alert.
The barred owl screams. Mom's ears perk.
She wraps up with her kits until the sun.

Above them the crows,
Ma and four hatchlings. 
She flies away from the nest,
then comes back,
then flies away,
then comes back. Earth's worm.
Scream scream scream eat it.

They, too, tuck themselves in for the night.
Setting sun.
Under Mom's wide black feather blanket.
Away from the owls and the rain and the chill.
Until the morning sun. 

In a tall pine close but far,
owl's nest.
The downy fledgling watches Mom fly
and waits for the flimsy, soft mouse
or the floppy graying lizard.
All through the night. 

With the sun.
and the waking lids
and the morning dew
and Earth's yawn.
It comes.

Not breeze or flutter of birds,
but crashing and clanking and foreign yelling.
Yellow machines aim at the houses
made of twigs and sticks and branches and trunks.

Work boots and fat tires,
lunch boxes and canteens of coffee.
Raspy yelling and Marlboro smoke.
Chainsaws and ripped, dull blue jeans.

Sappy bleeding horizontal trees.
Settling, blinding dust.
Owl flies, crow flies.
Squirrel grabs her favorite and,
in vain

Down down down the tall pine, 
grabbing with her sharp claws
at the crispy bark
while her little dangles between her teeth.

543 Day Writing Journey

A Little Country Store. Day 380.

Some of this summer’s stash

There’s a little country store for sale at the end of my road on the corner of 117 in Willard. It’s a small rectangle with a flat white roof, and has windows covering most of the front. There’s a little shed out back, a small propane tank, and it’s on a corner lot with ample parking in the dry dirt lot.

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What a Day! Day 375.

My posts will be brief this weekend because I want to spend every second with Auntie Sherry that I can. I do, however, want to share a few of my favorite parts of the day:

  • I met a girl named Theresa May today.
  • Someone played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.
  • This event raised over $45,000 for Tunnel to Towers.
  • I saw the first neighborhood in Hubert, NC where Roger and I rented a trailer in 1995.
  • I got to spend time with my dear friend, Laura.
  • There’s so much more.


543 Day Writing Journey

Tomorrow! Day 374.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today is an exciting day!

My sister-in-law, Sherry, is on her way from Tennessee to stay for the weekend. She will join us tomorrow for the 5K in Swansboro, then we will hang out all weekend. Plans? Yes! Menu planned? Yes!

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543 Day Writing Journey

Picky? Day 372.

When I was a kid, I ate what was put in front of me. There were no other options.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

“She’ll eat anything.” To this day, there isn’t much, unfortunately, that I don’t like.

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543 Day Writing Journey

Layaway. Day 371.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

It was October and my carriage was full of Hot Wheels tracks, downy Elmo pajamas, miniature Hulk Hogans and Stone Cold Steve Austins, and plush character blankets covered in football helmets or Power Rangers. I pulled up to the register at the back of the store by the bathrooms.

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543 Day Writing Journey

9/11 Repost. Day 369.

*If you wish to learn more about our upcoming T2T 5K, or if you would like to donate, please click here:


I wrote this post a year ago and it still stands. Use today to live a little slower, soak up your freedom and peace, and reflect on those we lost that day 21 years ago. Somber, yes, but let’s maybe try to pry ourselves out of that just enough to live live live out of respect for those who perished that day. Also, celebrate the lives of ones like Roger who followed years later because of 9/11.

Mention them, talk about them, REMEMBER them.

This repost is about taking it a little slower and going down virgin roads:


Another Turn on Life’s Highway. Day 368.

It is time to start working full-time making Maescribes into something. Working for Treasure Realty in Eastern North Carolina was my stepping stone, my first paying job since I was pregnant with Sammy. I was hired on March 21st of this year, and my last day will be September 29th. I wrote a post about beginning work after I was hired. Click HERE to read it.

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Positivity. Day 364.

I’m not one of those cheerleader types, never have been. I try, however, to keep things on this blog positive because there’s enough in my life that is negative, and I don’t want to drown my audience in a warm pool of depression and woe-is-me sentiment, but I get frustrated, too.

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Chicken Drama. Day 362.

Just a Bose speaker on a chicken coop.

I was driving the lawn tractor trying to spread out the excess of grass clippings that the recent rain has caused. It’s so thick and lush, which is great, but I don’t have a bagger yet, and don’t want to spend a thousand dollars for one. I was whirling around in circles, trying to create a nice pattern (We compete with grass patterns in this household.), when I see Max walking towards me holding our red sexlink hen we call Romanoff.

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Sharing a Room with Someone. Day 361.

I got new floors! Like?

Sharing a room with Roger was so easy, but I can’t imagine ever doing it again.

Maybe because it’s been too long, but the thought of not watching what I want on TV, not having two cats and a large German Shepherd in my bed, and listening to someone else snore doesn’t sound good to me.

Growing up, I used to think it was a little weird that my Nana and Poppa didn’t share a room. I thought they would be lonely, but now I get it.

Maybe one day someone will come along who will make me second guess my opinions of today. It’ll have to be a non-snorer who loves animals and likes the same shows I do. Otherwise, we’ll just have to live separately and meet up for ice cream or a movie somewhere, and I’m OK with that.

543 Day Writing Journey

Brownies. Day 355.

The basement of the Primary School in Southampton, MA was the first place I have felt complete shame, and it’s attached itself to my psyche and self-worth even until this day, 43 years later.

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Polly Flinders. Day 354.

Me, probably 1977? This was the same yard our houses shared.

When I was four, my mom, dad, two little brothers, and I lived a few houses away from Nana’s at Laurel Park in Northampton, MA, in an arc of small homes that shared a large front yard. We lived in a red cottage with one bedroom and an upper loft that sat on the far right side of the arc, and I could see Nana’s house from our front door which rested all the way to the left of the arc.

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Good Bullets. Day 351.

  • Baylee is having his braces removed today.
  • I’m finally having the carpets removed and hard floors installed tomorrow.
  • Sam accepted an incredibly swag offer and I know he’ll kill it.
  • Tyler has also accepted a fancy pants offer.
  • Max went to his first day at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington today.
  • Gisele and Wanda are healing well.
  • I think I have enough peppers to make another batch of hot sauce.
  • I found a good recipe for street corn.
  • Time off is nigh.

Sign Me Up. Day 350.

Rise early, tuck your beach chair under your arm and walk a few steps to the ocean where you can watch the sun rise, lounge all day in the rays with your favorite classic novel, or rent a surfboard or bodyboard from one of the local beach rental shops and stay in the waves until supper. Stay on the white sands to savor nightfall and the calming of the wind and waves, or walk back to the house and get ready for an exciting night on the town. 

A short drive away will take you to karaoke with the friendly locals or live music at one of the bars or breweries. You will also encounter local boutiques, mom-and-pops, chain restaurants and stores you are familiar with, and local restaurants that boast fresh seafood, fish, and even produce. Maybe you want to play golf or visit one of the fishing piers to visit with the local fishers, reel in your own dinner, and go back to the bungalow to create your gourmet masterpiece.


Business Owners. Day 349.

I do wonder if it is common to be gently self-attacked with a bout of imposter syndrome when opening a business. I imagine so, just as with any great move in one’s life, there is a sense of worthiness-wonderment and who-the-heck-do-think-I-am that comes with the territory. Although I’ve had inquiries, even though I am not fully up-and-running, I do question my value during my tired moments.

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